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“It has been a great few months for ‘Switch to Portable Solar Power’ in the local retail market, with positive uptake by both local retailers and consumers alike,” says Ryan Steytler, Director Product Innovation, In2Brands.  The ‘Switch to Portable Solar Power’ campaign, launched earlier this year, seeks to provide safe, sustainable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions to Africa’s pressing energy problem.

“Our winter is far from over, bringing with it endless load shedding,” says Steytler.  “We are committed to ensuring these products are easily accessible to the South African consumer, with retail proving the best avenue.”

Available at Outdoor Warehouse, ACDC Express Stores, Wellness Warehouse on Kloof, Dad’s Toys (Canal Walk) and Space TV (Woodstock), a selection of the Ecoboxx and WakaWaka range can also be purchased online via,,, and with plans to expand across additional retail outlets underway.

“Solar is a growing industry,” says Michael Kriel, Outdoor Warehouse. “Whilst we already stock various other solar brands, the quality, price and service received from In2Brands made the decision to include its products in our portfolio an easy one.”

Comprising a full range of portable plug-and-play solar products capable of addressing any power requirement, ‘Switch to Portable Solar Power’ includes In2Brand’s own locally designed and created “Ecoboxx”, and the Dutch “WakaWaka” for which it enjoy exclusive sales rights within Africa.  Both make use of the very latest in patented solar technology to supply electricity to those in need.



Introducing the Ecoboxx TV Kit!
Complete with both Ecoboxx and TV, and powered by the Ecoboxx’s DC connection, enjoy up to six hours of uninterrupted broadcast!

Solar powered and mobile, it guarantees you will never miss that ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ viewing moment ever again.

So whether in the midst of nowhere, or perhaps a victim of yet another interrupted power supply … Ecoboxx TV will keep you tuned in to your latest viewing pleasure.


left_dThe effects of load shedding is being felt across the country.  From business to society in general, many are experiencing the inconvenience of finding themselves literally ‘in the dark’.

For Hubert de Pitray, a second year student studying his Bachelor Degree in International Business, recent load shedding almost resulted in a missed deadline.  With an assignment due the very next morning, Hubert found himself with no power and a dwindling cellphone and laptop battery. Luckily for Hubert, he had access to an Ecoboxx 160.  Not only was he able to charge both his cellphone and laptop, but most importantly he could complete his assignment and hand it in on time.

Trust Ecoboxx to keep you connected when you need it most!

An interrupted power supply need not result in an interrupted deadline.


left_aIntersolar Europe, the world’s largest exhibition for the solar industry held in Munich this June, provided an opportunity for locally spearheaded ‘Switch to Portable Solar Power’ campaign to showcase its wares in front of a discerning international audience.

“With over 1,100 international exhibitors, it is the leading exhibition and networking event for the solar industry,” says Ryan Steytler, Director Product Innovation, In2Brands. Visitors from over 145 countries had the opportunity to experience first-hand the revolutionary capability of both the Ecoboxx and WakaWaka range, in addition to new product developments in its portable solar power portfolio.

“Solar power, the conversion of sunlight into electricity, is in itself not a foreign concept.  It is, however, cumbersome to install and requires costly consultants making it far from readily available or a practical solution for most,” continues Steytler.  The concept of portable solar power however brings with it the ability to harness the sun’s energy, but most importantly the capability of making it easily accessible to all, rendering it a perfect solution particularly for the local market. An overwhelming positive response to the Ecoboxx and WakaWaka product range from international attendees has reinforced local support and uptake for the ‘Switch to Portable Solar Power’ campaign.

“Not only was it an opportunity to showcase our product portfolio, but also to interact and network with stakeholders in the international solar industry,” continues Steytler.  “As players in the local portable solar power market we are committed to remaining abreast not only with regards to local requirements, but also of international trends and developments in order to ensure maximum value and benefit for local consumers.”



Hi everybody!

Let’s introduce ourselves first: we are Laurens Wiersma and Maike van Grootel and we recently started the foundation Sunny Side Up. Sunny Side Up aims to support sustainable energy in developing countries. We believe that everybody has the right to clean, safe, affordable and reliable energy. Therefore we will devote the coming year to support several sustainable energy projects in Africa and Asia.

image1We have spend our last days preparing our vehicle, but now ‘Big Willie’ is ready for the overland adventure. Off course this Sunny Side Up vehicle is equipped with several portable solar solutions itself. We have a WakaWaka with us which is a solar unit small enough to carry it anywhere. And an Ecoboxx which has foldable solar panels that can support us with all the electricity we need while camping. Thank you In2Brands!

Want to learn more about our foundation and stay up-to-date about our projects?

Our website:

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