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With more than 575 million people in Africa alone not connected to any form of electricity, the consequences across lifestyle, education and society in general are enormous. Portable solar power however provides a very real opportunity to solve this problem, providing a better quality of life for all.

The WakaWaka Foundation, an impact driven social venture that fights to abolish energy poverty across the globe, recently announced a total of 100,000 WakaWaka units distributed to disaster zones and areas of need around the world.

“We are proud to have the likes of Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu supporting the WakaWaka range and are humbled by his thanks,” says Ryan Steytler, Director, The Sungrid Group.

WakaWaka is a portable solar power bank with a fully integrated LED light. In addition to providing in excess of 100 hours of safe, bright reading light from a single eight hour solar or grid charge, it has the ability to power any USB-enabled device or smartphone.  WakaWaka increases safety and security whilst enhancing outdoor and lifestyle experiences.

Currently available at Outdoor Warehouse or online, with many more stores to follow shortly.


image3No home or business should be without one

South Africa’s power supply remains under constant threat. Recent articles report the growing instability of Eskom’s power stations – a situation placing South Africa under serious threat and one more dire than mere price hikes and load shedding.

“But all is not lost,” says Ryan Steytler, Director, The SunGrid Group. Ecoboxx, a solar generator providing plug-and-play portable power, is the perfect answer.  A wide variety of Qubes ranging from 50W – 1500W caters for any and all power needs and is capable of providing anything from 85 to 350 hours of power.

“It’s one of those essential items we should all be keeping in our homes,”
says Steytler.  “By having access to portable emergency power we empower ourselves, our businesses and our families to not be at the mercy of power cuts, load shedding or an interrupted power supply.”

Ecoboxx provides numerous benefits across lifestyle, recreational, business and industrial from the lighting up of rural communities, as a backup source of power for domestic use and construction work or even the only source of power on remote film locations or during outdoor activities. It’s reliable, durable, green, renewable and cost effective and its plug-and-play capability enables anyone to harness the sun’s energy for when it is needed most, anytime and anywhere.

So whether you are taking care of those little emergencies, or bringing the comforts of home outdoors, get your Ecoboxx today and make sure you and your loved ones are never left in the dark ever again.

Keeping you connected – anywhere …anytime … anyone.

Currently available at Outdoor Warehouse or online, with many more stores to follow shortly.


image2Tired of the usual wine coolers, gift cards and festive hampers?
Make sure your company’s corporate gift is a step ahead of the rest.

WakaWaka is a portable solar power bank and super-stylish smartphone charger and LED light that is fast becoming a sought after and essential accessory for men and women alike.

Everyone with a smartphone knows there are times when you need your phone most and your batteries die. WakaWaka Power makes sure you need never be powerless again. Apart from charging your smartphone or other USB-enabled devices, WakaWaka Power is first and foremost a powerful light source that can provide more than 100 hours of safe, bright reading light from an 8-hour charge.

Powered by the sun (solar), and therefore with no need to connect to any form of electricity, WakaWaka can be powered conveniently and easily. Place it on your dashboard whilst driving and ensure never ending access to both power and light for those emergency situations, or simply for convenience.

So help your favourite customers and suppliers to shine this year, with the gift of:

-        A readily available torch to provide light when they need it most, making it easy to always find those hard to see items.

-        An emergency light signal to help them out of tricky situations, calling attention to location during times of possible distress.

-        The ability to always have their smartphone charged and ready for use, ensuring they are never out of contact with your loved ones ever again.

Reliable. Durable. Green. Renewable. Cost-Effective.

Currently available at Outdoor Warehouse or online, with many more stores to follow shortly.