In addition to the 8% increase in electricity tariffs by Eskom over the last two years, a further increase of 12.69% was recently announced for 2015.  This increase will come into effect on 1 April 2015 for Eskom’s direct customers, with municipal customers to follow from 1 July.

“This is placing enormous pressure on already cash strapped consumers and businesses around the country,” says Ryan Steytler, Director, The Sungrid Group. It is becoming increasingly urgent that alternative solutions to the pressing energy crisis be explored.

“The use of portable solar power is an obvious answer,” says Steytler. It brings with it the ability to harness the sun’s energy, but most importantly the capability of making it easily accessible to all.
By converting sunlight into readily accessible portable solar power products, such as Ecoboxx and WakaWaka, cost-effective, safe, reliable and environmentally friendly solar electricity solutions are being made available to the local consumer. “This brings with it not only a safeguard from load shedding and power cuts, but relief to the consumer in the face of never-ending electricity price hikes,” concludes Steytler.