A few weeks ago saw portable solar power advocate Thomas Dreyfus and friends gather in Bulshoek, near Clanwilliam, for a boys’ weekend of fun, sun, camping and fishing.

What would normally have been a weekend of ‘nature’ only, saw this group experiencing the best of both worlds.  “It was phenomenal,” says Dreyfus.  “Beautiful surroundings and fishing by day, but with all the perks of indoor city living at the same time.”

After long and event filled days in the sun, courtesy of an Ecoboxx, the evenings brought with them the luxury of music and lights around the ‘campfire’.  “None of us would ever consider going camping again without it,” adds Dreyfus.  “Having the use of an Ecoboxx over that weekend, took what would have been a really great few days and made them exceptional.”