10712394_768964366510671_1992895935702194303_oThe use of portable solar power, together with its ease of access, continues to revolutionise communities around the world.  This month saw the exciting launch of WakaWaka’s prepaid solar in Rwanda.  Working through weekly payments the prepaid WakaWaka, which functions in the same manner as a prepaid mobile phone, guarantees easy access to solar power with low upfront costs.

How does it work?

  • The user sends a free text containing the code on a scratch card, together with a unique code from their WakaWaka, to a local service number.
  • In return, they receive a text containing an activation code for their WakaWaka.
  • Once the activation code is entered, their WakaWaka provides all the light and power the user needs for up to five whole days.

After every full charge in the sun, the WakaWaka has the capability to charge both any model of smartphone whilst also providing a minimum of 80 hours of bright light – for reading or work.  No more fumes from candles!  No more risk of kerosene fires and resulting burns! And the very real opportunity to earn money not only by being able to charge other smartphones, but also by having access to communication 24×7.