This year sees the launch of three new products for heavier power requirements

As the need for alternative energy solutions continues, so too does the demand for products that are able to meet heavier power requirements. “Whilst our initial range, comprising of the WakaWaka and Ecoboxx products, has successfully provided local consumers with an alternative energy supply, market response has indicated the need to cater for increasingly heavier power requirements”, says Ryan Steytler, Director, The Sungrid Group (In2Brands).

As a result, this year sees the launch of three new products. Ideal for heavier multiple charging, light and medium plus AC power, the Ecoboxx 300 will keep your lights burning for as long as 11 consecutive nights, whilst charging your smart phone for no fewer than seven days. And these are only a few of its benefits.  Irrespective of your requirement, the Ecoboxx 300 provides a reliable power solution across all household and business needs.

Known as the ultimate all-in-one power machine, the Ecoboxx 600 is one step up from the Ecoboxx 300, complete with higher charging and greater AC power capacity.  As with the Ecoboxx 300, the Ecoboxx 600 is able to meet all general household and business power requirements from providing light in times of darkness, through to efficiently and effectively charging smartphones, laptops, tablets, televisions, stereos and other general household and business appliances.

The Solsave Backup King, part of The Sungrid Group’s latest offering provides an entire portable solar power kit, with up to 1800 Watts of AC power.  Its endless power supply and indefinite battery recharge capability render it the perfect solution for home, office (UPS function), outdoor or emergency power.  Safe, silent and an environmentally friendly alternative (no fuel requirements), Solsave’s Backup King is safe for indoor use and easy to install with its simple plug-and-play ability.

The Solsave range, requiring no electrical company installation and grid independent, continues to enable The Sungrid Group to provide sustainable, cost-effective and alternative solutions to the local consumer, allowing for peace of mind during power outages.